This winter, I’ve probably run much more than any winter before. Not necessarily trained more, but definitely run more (and cross-country skied a lot less). It’s only May, and I already feel like it’s paid off; I’ve dropped 1:15 off my 10k time and 5 minutes off my marathon, and hope to go for a personal best mark at the Whistler Half as well.

All this racing has some odd consequences. In past years, if I run a race, I’ve usually got a long time to recover, no matter what stupid things I decide to do after a race. Right now, I’m getting ready for a third race in a month and a half. It would be pretty easy to do the wrong thing, get a nagging injury (already dealing with a few minor aches), and write off the next month or so.

So what to do? I was pretty beat after running the BMO Vancouver Marathon – turns out 42.2k of asphalt does a number on the ol’ legs. I did what any sensible person would do – stopped running for a week, and spent the weekend in Tofino (surfing doesn’t count as training). Even getting back into running this week feels a bit tender. It’s hard to justify taking two weeks off training as recovery when the racing season is just starting, so it’s pretty important to pay attention to what the body’s saying.

For the moment, I’ll be staying off the running by getting in some ski mountaineering for the long weekend (hopefully a good story for next week) and will be looking forward to one more good interval session next week before bringing the intensity back down to do a short taper before the Whistler Half. After that – hopefully a few well-earned weeks off!

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