Cheering sections

I’ve been pretty inconsistent on getting my blog posts up recently. I’m putting it down to nervousness. For the last while, I’ve been putting a fair bit of pressure on myself to have a good run at the BMO Vancouver Marathon – now that it’s finally done, I feel a heck of a lot more relaxed about the Whistler Half Marathon.

Fortunately, all that pressure on myself ended up in a race I could be pretty happy with. It was a great morning for a race on a nice, new course – the kind of morning that I couldn’t really make up any excuses.

The best part of the whole race experience for me, though, was the support from friends and family. My parents conveniently timed a visit right when I was going to be running, and for once my brother and I weren’t registered in the same race – he’d just finished running Boston three weeks ago. Instead, he cased out the race course, the road closures, and came up with a spectating schedule.

The parents came with a sewn sign (“Run Ed Run!”) and plenty of enthusiasm, and with my brother’s car they managed to show up to cheer me on in no fewer than five places. Some other friends on road bikes got to some of the inaccessible spots in Stanley Park.

Sometimes in shorter races it feels like I can’t hear people cheering, but I know in the Sun Run I only heard my name twice, and somehow it felt a little harder. At BMO, having the cheering section at so many places on the course was probably worth a solid minute off my time. So – thanks a lot, folks! You were great!

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