So long snow. Hello trails!

The ‘dead season’ is upon us here in Whistler and to those who don’t know, this means rain by the bucket-load. It also means blissfully short lines in the supermarket, the annual switch-up from boards and skis to bikes and best of all; the emergence of my two favourite things….bears and trails!

With my first bear sighting of 2012 ticked off surprisingly early in April and the valley looking greener by the day, this week I thought it was about time to get off the road and back onto Whistler’s awesome trails. The Zappa trails at Lost Lake are the most accessible from the village and provide a challenging and fun assortment of routes for all abilities, with some beautiful view points along the way. I headed for the single-track trails, expecting to trudge my way through some snowy patches, but was pleasantly surprised to find the trails mostly clear, soft underfoot and the refreshing change I needed after pounding the pavement all winter.

The wonderful thing about being deprived of runnable trails for months, is the amazingly fresh and fast feeling that comes with leaping over rocks and roots for the first time. Lately my road running has felt slow and laboured, but today on the trails I felt like a gazelle! Spring is upon us, so blow those winter cobwebs away and hit the trails to smash that running plateau and give those joints a well-earned break!

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