Sun Run recap

Well, the Sun Run’s done, and what a relief. It’s been a while since I’ve been that antsy for a race – I’d done a pretty good job of psyching myself up, I guess. Turns out that maybe it’s a good thing.

I reached the start gates still jumpy in the morning. The start came all too soon, and before I had time to think it was into the classic Sun Run start – crowded and too fast, on the downhill first 1k.

Bad things always happen quickly, with no warning. Into a left-hand turn about 1.5k in, I was well-positioned near the front of a pack, running smoothly. Into the corner, bang – someone clipped my right heel from behind at full stride. Off-balance, I got my foot caught behind my left leg, and before I could save it, I found myself full length on the pavement. I was unhappy to say the least, but reflex got me on my feet and back to my spot in the pack in about 15 seconds, with, to my shock, no visible blood, only a sudden adrenaline boost.

I ran the next 4k smooth, trying to keep my pace under control. It felt relaxed, and I let a few people slip a little bit ahead; with a head-wind, I tried to draft anyone coming by, and not go too hard. Coming up to the Burrard Bridge climb inspired some confidence: haven’t I been running up Grouse weekly for months now? I picked it up on the climb, and found myself catching up to those who’d passed me on the flat. From there, I tried to keep it relaxed and smooth, picking up the pace a bit with about 2.5k to go.

I found myself over the line at 32:14 – at 10k best for me, by 1:15. It looks like something’s been going right. With that race behind me, I’m looking forward to getting ready for the BMO Marathon, and then the half in Whistler!

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3 Responses to Sun Run recap

  1. Ed – Congrats on the BMO result. Just curious, what are your thoughts / plans on your recovery / training and then taper between now and this 1/2?

    • eddymcc says:

      Thanks! That’s a good question; right now I’m focusing on walking without a limp. I’ve had a mysterious knee injury ever since the Sun Run, so I’ll probably take it even easier than I would otherwise; I’ve taken a few days completely off working out. I’ll start doing some more road biking and easy trail running next week, but probably stay off road surfaces until the week after. There’s a tentative plan for a 3-day mountain-bike-assisted ski mountaineering trip on the long weekend, which should be a good way to get some long hours in without road pounding. I think the 4 weeks between the BMO Marathon and the Whistler Half is plenty of time for recovery, but there won’t be much time for a new round of intensity, so there won’t be much of a defined taper; I’m more likely to treat the Whistler Half as part of the next training cycle ramp-up for the summer’s trail races. There’s probably not many more effective workouts to do to prep for the half than having just run and recovered from a full.

      • I guess that’s the trick tho, how to recover in time and have some intensity training….now as for another taper…

        Sorry to hear about the knee though Ed

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