Racing time already?

Some time back in the fall, I set myself a bit of a schedule. I’m pretty antsy to try to improve on my 2010 marathon time from Victoria, so I’ve been focusing on the Vancouver Marathon in May. I figured the Sun Run 10k, conveniently three weeks before the marathon, would be a good tune-up, and that I could then keep training and carry the fitness through to the Whistler Half.

I had a similar plan last year, which was hijacked by an amazing opportunity to ski tour the Great Divide Traverse from Jasper to Lake Louise with three outstanding guys ( if you’re very curious – there, there’s my plug). This year, I decided to stick to my running guns; I’ve been adding on trail races to my summer’s itinerary, but those three races have stayed in. That is how I find myself sitting here writing this, while 18 of my closest friends are enjoying a sunny weekend skiing up on the Duffey Lake Road.

Race season always happens like this. Training starts out nice and relaxed, gradually you start feeling fit, and suddenly BAM! there’s a race tomorrow! This is one reason I decided to run the Sun Run, to get less psyched out before Vancouver, but it’s still unnerving. It may be a tune-up race, but I still have goals, and I know that around the time I’m up and over the Burrard Bridge, my legs will have me wondering what the heck I’m doing. It comes on quick – comfortable at Beach Ave, in pain by 4th.

It’s all part of the game. I know I’ll toss and turn the night before a race, I’ll wake up antsy and twitchy, try to visualize the course and wonder what will happen. But when the gun goes – finally, it’ll all be back to racing.

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