Back on track

After 3 weeks of illness, I am ready to get back into a regular training program. Week two of bronchitis found me in Palm Springs for a planned spring break holiday. I was anxious to continue training in the desert but found I didn’t have the stamina to do much more than the occasional hike. The dry, warm air helped the healing process though, and by the  second week, I was able to go for short runs as well as play a bit of tennis. I didn’t feel quite up to working out in the gym but was ok with the break from the treadmill.

While understanding that I may need to backtrack a bit and perhaps start running at a slower pace and shorter distance, I didn’t fully realize how quickly I lost strength and stamina.  I feel that I am beginning my training program anew but feel positive that what I lost in stamina I will eventually gain back.

Now back at home, I ran yesterday for 30 minutes using the Fartlek method followed by 30 minutes on the rowing machine. Getting there…


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