Why do we run?

This morning I ran through icy rain, with wet feet, a runny nose and those heavy legs you’re left with the day after doing squats and lunges in the gym. It was rough and exhausting and I thought to myself ‘why do you do it?’

After my run I spent an hour on damage-control; rolling and stretching my achy tired muscles back to their pre-run state and again thought to myself ‘why do you do it?’

Then I watched a documentary called Marathon Challenge, about a group of non-runners and their journey from sedentary lifestyles to completing their first marathon. Most were overweight, many had health problems and all were unable to even complete a mile when they began training, but they stuck with it, against the odds. As I watched them cross the finish line after 26.2 miles and saw the sheer joy and sense of achievement on their faces, I thought to myself ‘THIS is why you do it!’

Need some inspiration in your own training….take a look at this short film, it will not disappoint:


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