You’ve probably figured out by now that my blogs are about the recovery journey; believe me I didn’t expect nor attempt to get injured in order to do this. Hopefully though I’m inspiring you to keep going, and celebrate every step; realize that every day is another accomplishment; and it’s what we can do not what we can’t.

For me it feels like starting over again too. . Today marked the 5th day on the treadmill. To think 4 short weeks ago I was taking a ‘flight’ off of the Tokem Roller, on Whistler Mountain, saying ‘weeee’ on my toboggan ride down, and put into a brace thinking I’d never run again. Friday I was told I can start on the treadmill again, slowly, 15mins building up by 5mins from there; for some reason, I was scared. Really? Scared? I’ve run 100’s of kms a week every week for 10 years, and this scared me, 15mins on the treadmill. Seriously??  Yup, I was afraid to get back on the ‘horse’. I took some well received advice from Christine Sutter, and did my 35mins warm up on the spin bike. Slotted in my 15mins time for the treadmill and hopped on. Display read, BELT WILL START IN 3 … 2 … 1 … and it began to move; I was waiting for something to happen, 1mins over at 4.5 increase to 6 … hey this feels good, back to 4.5 … back to 6 … so on and so forth that by the time my 15mins were up I wanted to keep going. OH RUNNING HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!

Today I was 30mins, 7.2, going back to 5.5 after every 5mins for 1min! Knee feels pretty strong, and I feel pretty good. In fact, I don’t feel as winded as I did before; must be all that cross training. Next week I will begin to run outside again; and I’m excited! Every small step = one big leap in recovery.

I have to remember to pay attention to how I’m feeling and what my body is telling me but … OH RUNNING HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!

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