The Gym + Cross Training = New Love … Who knew !?!

I was one of ‘those’ people who looked at the gym as a place where you go to ‘pump up’ (yup you inserted Arnold’s voice there too didn’t you??!) and when you didn’t want to ‘brave the elements’. WOW how wrong was I!! Since my ACL injury a mere 3 weeks ago, I find myself looking forward to going to the gym. Firstly; I have new friends, love meeting new people. Secondly, spinning, the bike … LOVE (insert little heart here)! I find that my quads, thighs and calves have become much stronger, assisting my quick injury recovery.

It’s amazing how much stronger I feel, from spinning, suto-running, and rowing, I found new muscles, new friends, and a new hangout. Have I become a ‘gym rat’? I think so.

It’s only taken me 10 years to realize that there were other activities that can and will improve my running. It’s like someone hit me on the head and said … DUH?! Funny enough, maybe this injury has made me take a look at my own training routine to switch it up a couple of times a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to running distances again, and being outside. However I’m not going to leave my new love for an old love, I’m going to learn how to incorporate them both into a new cross training routine. When I asked my husband if I could continue at the gym a couple of mornings a week, he was surprised even, but supported me whole heartedly and said, ‘sure, nice to see you mixing it up’. Wonder if he’s realized that he will have to walk the 3 dogs those couple of mornings a week still … shhhh don’t tell him!

Consider your own training regime and make sure you’re ‘mixing it up too’.

Happy feet, see you on the trails soon!

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