Winter – Take 2

Just when winter seemed to be over; the pavements were free of snow and ice, patches of grass were rapidly reappearing around town, and the thermals were being retired to the depths of the wardrobe, in favour of lighter layers. Spring seemed to be on it’s way in Whistler, at least in the valley, and the runner in me was definitely happy about it (shhh!). Throughout February, I’ve enjoyed many an outdoor run, minus the worry of slips or falls and I was becoming quite accustomed to conditions like these.

As it turns out, it was a false alarm and winter isn’t quite done yet, if today’s huge dump of powder is anything to go by! Luckily, since I’ve been in Whistler, I’ve learned from the town’s impressive community of hardcore runners and bikers, to embrace the weather…or at least tolerate it, with grit and determination and not make excuses. So today I faced the weather head-on for a run through shin-deep snow; a slow effort, but challenging none the less.

For me, one of the most rewarding things about braving the elements is the sense of satisfaction and knowing that you had the mental toughness to push yourself through less than comfortable conditions. But when I returned home, my own feeling of smugness subsided somewhat, after reading about a German runner who recently set the world record for running 5km barefoot… snow! The 42 year old, ran the race in 23:42 on artificial snow inside, but I was still very impressed by this slightly crazy feat.

So, although I’m not quite brave/insane enough to hit the snow barefoot, I’m willing to face whatever Mother Nature throws at me, with gritted teeth and only an occasional moan. Surely after running through snow, a half marathon on road will be a piece of cake! Here’s hoping.

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