Hurts So Good

Running through downtown Montreal has its perks: people watching while running can be the ultimate distraction for a tough training day…

You know those days when you get up with the best of intentions? The days where you say to yourself “I am going to kill it on my run today! We’re talking PR-day baby!”

You’re pumped, you’re ready, and you’re chomping at the bit to go. You pull on your shoes with a big ol’ smile on your face and head out the door with a skip in your step, ready to hit the pavement.  Then you get to maybe 100 meters and your stomach just drops. Your legs feel like lead, they’re tired and slow, and your lungs are screaming for air.

This happened to me on Saturday when I was scheduled to run 10km.  Normally, 10km is not an issue for me, it’s a great middle-distance that I enjoy running.  But on that fateful Saturday, I found myself wondering: how the heck am I going to get through 3km let alone 10?

While ¾ of me wanted desperately to stop, turn around with my tail between my legs and head home, the remaining ¼ of me insisted I keep going.  It was quite the internal debate.  In the end that stubborn quarter of me won out and I kept going, one step at a time.  I kept my pace slow and even, breathing deeply trying to get my frantic heart-rate down.  Instead of dwelling over how fast (or slow) I was going, I turned my attention to my pretty Montreal neighborhood instead.  I focused on the sites and the residents who were out and about enjoying the sunshine and unseasonably warm weather for February.

Before I knew it, I was at kilometer 6 and ready to start plodding my way back home.  My breath was even and though my legs were still, um, not so light, I began to feel a bit stronger.  By the time I wound my way back to my apartment, I was finished my 10km and ready for a good stretching session on my Yoga mat.  Tired, yet still content on my runner’s high.

This past Saturday reminded me that there will always be those “PR” days, but for every PR day there will be a day when you just need to get out and enjoy the scenery.



About Tess and Jess

Jess is a vegetarian runner and yogi living in Montreal, and Tess is a bodybuilder from Ottawa. We met in university, and our friendship has since seen us through new careers, moving, breakups, diets, injuries, many many different hairstyles, and time. Tess and Jess: Food, Fitness and Friendship documents all of our passions under one banner. Check back frequently for recipes, workouts, and quirky anecdotes on our friendship. Check us out:
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