Injury got you down … ask yourself why!

It’s been exactly 10 days today since I found myself laying in the Whistler Medical Clinic, following a HUGE ski crash, thinking that my life as an athlete was over.  Not just running, but skiing, biking, hiking, walking.  I was in a feeling self-pity and doubt.

Looking back at the past week I ask myself; why?  Well looking at this photo above; you can probably guess why!

Over the first 7 days I found myself in the gym, 45mins per day, 1 legged rowing.  Top that off with floor exercises, and a 40mins dog walk every night (and every night getting faster and further than the day before)  Get in a good sweat, home shower change, work and after work dog walk.  Same routine, just different activities; this has really made me stop and reflect on cross training, and the importance of staying healthy while you heal, and to focus on other activities to keep you strong. So what was I down about again?

Friday I went to my physio appointment, my range of motion had increased by 43%!  She put me on the stationary bike for 15mins.  WOOT! WOOT!  That’s a real win for someone who was injured only 7 days prior.  No more ice either, we’ve moved to heat (thank goodness; I’m cold enough given that it’s WINTER), as the swelling is going down.  I am now allowed to bike for 15mins a day, doesn’t sound like a lot, but think about people who injure themselves and don’t move for months on end; this doesn’t help the recovery process.

Please note that I am under the guidance of a Doctor and a Physiotherapist, and I do not endorse starting treatment on your own without consulting a physician.  I just sounded like one of those TV ads didn’t I?

Moving forward, I should be up to 30mins of biking today (appt at noon with physio) … yahoo!  Swimming is also now allowed, as long as I don’t kick to hard.  I am hoping to find myself on the elliptical or treadmill next week; aiming for Friday, February 24.  I am not going to be going for a run, or even a jog, but to get these silly muscles moving again a little quicker with a little less impact.

Every day I’m getting stronger and stronger; I’m keeping up my cardio, working on different muscles, and enjoying it.  I’ve made new friends at the gym (I learned where all the runners go in the winter), who are tracking my progress and recovery too; they encourage me every day.

My own perseverance and determination mixed with the love and support of family, friends, colleagues, doctors and physiotherapists is what’s getting me through each and every day.

If your injured, or feeling down just remember, it’s not what you CAN’T DO it’s what you CAN DO!

I will be strong, I will run again, and I will continue to be ME!

Happy feet!  See you on the trails soon!

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