Thursday was an important day in my (unwritten) training calendar. (I like to keep it unwritten. The more scientific it seems, the less fun it is. Unfortunately, it’s easier to ignore an unwritten calendar…) I’m planning on the Sun Run 10k in April, and the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May, before the Whistler Half: with Sun Run two months away, it seemed like it was time to start doing some kind of intensity. Doing plenty of running, or long runs, or silly things on trails, or ski touring, is all well and good, and gets you fit, but it doesn’t get you fast – at least not without some help.

I’ve got a few ideas for what I want to do this season for intensity workouts, including a few things which will be new to me, but for this first one I went with an old favourite, a track workout. I don’t like the track for how boring it is (run hard, turn left, right?) but I do like it because it doesn’t lie. I know how each part should feel. Thursday, I opted for 10 x 400 metres with 1 minute rest between each. I’ve done that workout before, so it seemed familiar, and a good way to kick into gear with some speed but not too much rest. It was a funny workout; it was rainy, and lane 1 on the track was all mud and puddles, and I kept convincing myself I should shorten the workout, but then started the next 400 without realizing that I wasn’t actually shortening the workout. At the end, however, it felt like hardly having done much intensity at all. Maybe all this running this season has been good? It’ll probably take a few more workouts to really be able to tell.

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