Injured and Persevering

This isn’t exactly how I wanted to start off 2012 as a Brand Champion, but stuff happens, and injuries face us all at some point in time. Let me tell you how it all began:

Friday, February 10, 2012

4:30am: wake up alarm; let our 12 1/2 year old dog out.

5:00pm: set out on a 10k run with our other 2 other dogs; good time too 42mins 55secs

7:15am: upload the Whistler village Gondola for Fresh Tracks breakfast and a morning of skiing.

8:45am: skiing and enjoying the slopes on a wonderful morning with my colleagues

11:00am: coming down the Dave Murray Downhill (the run you saw during the Olympics where many downhill and GS racers too to the course.

11:10am: hit a roller, launched at least 15 feet into the air (really wish someone had this on video), landed, feet first, then face planted, skis came off, and I was on the ground. Got up, walked to my skis, went to put them on, and that’s when my left leg wouldn’t let me. FEAR struck! What had I done? My colleagues were there to get me over to the side of the hill, and before I knew it I was strapped into a patrol sled, for a ride down the mountain. Not exactly how I wanted to get to the bottom, not today, not ever!

I then made my way to the medical clinic, where I was met by the Dr, who sent me for x-rays; good news, no broken bones, bad news, was hearing … you may or may not have a torn ACL. I was SHATTERED to say the least. No running, not ever, at least not for 6-9 months, what was I going to do? Crushed, with my husband by my side, I decided not to return to work that afternoon, and rather indulge in a glass of wine. I spent the afternoon in tears about every 2 hours, or when someone would ask why I have a leg brace on.

That night I researched all about ACL injuries, recovery times from surgery, pros and cons of surgery vs. non surgery, and of course, how to exercise with one leg until I see the knee doctor (which is today). At first the images and stories I was reading were horrifying, then I changed my search to, can you run with an ACL injury? Athletes who have returned to the sport of running after an ACL injury? And the light seemed to shine just a bit brighter. Many people have written about their injuries, from pro athletes to the recreational runner. Surprisingly they’ve all run again. I was feeling better.

The next day, Saturday, I slept in; probably for the first time in 9 years; and went to work.  I sat at my desk all day, and kept thinking, there has to be something I can do to cure this cardio bug.  Then I read about rowing; 1 legged rowing even.  That evening after work, I headed to the gym.  35mins of rowing, 5.5kms, not too bad, and 10mins on the hand bike.  As I was ‘biking’ away, I met a gentleman, Chris, in very good shape who asked what I had done.  I proceeded to tell him my story.  That’s when he dismounted his spin bike, walked over to me, and pushed his knee out.  Chris hasn’t had an ACL in 9 years, and within 4 weeks of his injury was back on the slopes, and within 2 weeks was cycling, and about 8 weeks was jogging again.  He now runs, bikes and skis; I was beginning to feel a bit better.  He was impressed that to find me in the gym the next day after an injury; I’m going to persevere is what I told him.  He said you’re going to be fine.

Sunday and Monday, I found myself back in the gym, rowing more vigorously each time, 40mins on Sunday and 45mins on Monday, and this morning, 45 more minutes.  I’m also going further and further each time; today I made it 7.98kms, today I aimed for 8kms … and I did it!.  To make it even more intense, I’m using a resistance of 9.5 (Max is 10).  I’m not going to sit idle and watch everything go by, I’m going to keep going, I’m going to find solutions until I can run again.

Yesterday I went to see Dr. McConkey, he examined me.; the prognosis, we’re still not sure if it’s a tear, completely torn or just stretched.   An MRI is scheduled, however he doesn’t want to perform surgery at this time; apparently I’ll be able to run just fine without an ACL (as long as there’s no meniscus damage, which he thinks not), and the use of a brace if I take up extreme trail running.  I’m smiling more today!  It doesn’t mean the journey ends here.

I started physio today; and by Friday she wants to have me on the stationary bike.  YIPEE!

I am going to share with you my progress as the weeks go by.  I’m keeping my spirits up, and thinking positively.  I will RUN AGAIN!

The point of this story; it’s not what you CAN’T do it’s what you CAN DO!

Happy feet!  See you on the trails soon!

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One Response to Injured and Persevering

  1. jas says:

    Hope the recovery is faster n smooth…

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