Winter trail running?

I’m pretty sure the workout that I just did this evening qualifies as “crazy”, but here I am sitting at home as I write having a pleasant hot chocolate, and somehow in retrospect it seems like it was fun. I’ve been doing a weekly (kind of) workout with my friend, training partner, and bad influence Adam Campbell (, where we run up and then down a North Shore mountain, usually up on the BCMC trail and down Skyline. Adam’s getting sick of BCMC, so suggested we do the Grouse Grind, run up the Snowshoe Grind and around the snowshoe trails (without snowshoes, of course), then Skyride down. Sounds great, right?

It turns out that this evening, Vancouver decided to give us the best of its rain. The Grind was fine, though (full disclosure) I prefer bona fide trails to glorified staircases. Once on the snowshoe trails, however, instead of nice hard surfaced snow, we found ourselves postholing our way ungracefully through some kind of semi-slush. Turn around? Of course not! Somehow we tripped our way to the peak of Grouse, but since we couldn’t get much of a run in there, the logical decision was to run back down Skyline instead of taking the Skyride down. Logical, right? Adam thought so, anyway, and I’ve always been one to succumb to peer pressure.

Wet, cold, hungry, awkward running – and – fun? Yeah, it kind of was. This is the kind of workout that, first, lets me see the tough workouts through rose-coloured glasses, and second, that goes some way towards building that mental toughness that I hope will keep me going. That – and when I’m sitting here in my warm apartment, it gives that nice deep feeling of satisfaction, to keep me going until I ask myself again in the middle of the next one: is this completely crazy?


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