Some friendly competition

I know that this blog is for running – but I’m a big believer in cross-training. I came to running mostly as cross-training for cross-country skiing, and I still enjoy a good ski now and again. I also enjoy a good bit of competition. Which brings us to… the McCarthy Cup.

I have an older brother, with whom I live, and with whom I’ve trained and raced for many a year in skiing and in running. We are a bit competitive; hence the Cup. It’s wound down in the last few years, as we ski race less, but the heart remains the same: whoever beats the other more often in ski races we both do throughout the season, wins.

Why do I mention this? Well, partly, because it’s been a big motivator to always have someone to compete with and someone to bother me to get up and run at 6 in the morning (if not earlier). Also, partly because I’ve been losing the past few seasons, and I like winning.

Cypress has a great Tuesday Night Race Series (Toonie Tuesdays. Everyone should be there!) Finally, this Tuesday night, I was able to take the lead in the McCarthy Cup for the first time in years. 2012 score so far: 1-0 for Ed, in a 13-ish km classic race. Now I’m just hoping that there are no sprint races we have to do, because he’ll win…

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