Work always gets in the way of training

For most of my life, I’ve been a student. It’s kind of a spoiled lifestyle. You get to train pretty much as much as you want, any day of the week, as long as you showed up, write some exams, hand in a thesis, etc. etc. etc. (thanks for the understanding, professors!) Now, suddenly, for the last year and a half (it feels sudden, ok?) I find myself with a job. It has its perks – it’s nice to be able to replace old running shoes without twinges of guilt – but I find that the best training hours of the day are taken up by work! It’s inconvenient, to say the least.

Last summer, I was spotty at best at dealing with this. Training hours suffered; my racing suffered. I felt fit in early June (right after ski touring season) and again in September, after getting motivated again, but the summer seemed like a write-off.

This year is about finding solutions! The first thing that’s working: consistency. I’ve found a weekly rhythm that works, and I’m sticking to it. It’s a lot easier to say “Wednesday tomorrow; time to run to work” than to decide on a rainy Wednesday that running to work is a good idea (somehow, it never seems like it is). The second thing: effective time use. Running to and from work kills the commuting and training birds with the same stone. There are three possible times in the day to run; morning, at lunch, and after work. If I can’t use one of them, I try to get in runs in the other two. Finally, doing two shorter workouts a day is a pretty decent early season substitue for doing excessively long runs that don’t fit into the day!

Will it work? I’ll have to wait until race time to see…

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