New Year, New Resolutions…

My first blog for 2012 comes a little late for the start of the new year, but at a fresh start for me. I’ve just returned to Whistler, after a three-month stint away travelling warmer climates. I began my travels by running my first full marathon – a challenge I’d trained long and hard for. Marathon training took it’s toll on my body more than I ever expected, and the race ended up being a battle against the many niggles that threatened to turn into injuries at any moment. But completing it felt so good, it was almost worth the pain! Post-marathon, although I continued to run, it took the form of fun and casual running, with no intervals, no long-runs and plenty of enjoying the beautiful surroundings in the places I visited. This break of-sorts was exactly what my body (and mind!) needed, after the many months of high mileage and structured training, for various races in 2011.

So now I return to Whistler and reality, a little slower and fatter, but rested and ready to get back on the training wagon! I’ve always heard that declaring your intentions to as many people as possible, is the best way to stick to them, so here are my belated new year’s running resolutions:

1. To work at developing my speed (or lack of!), through running intervals and tempo runs every week. 2. To compete in shorter races over the winter and spring months, to put the above into practice in a race situation. Then move up to the half marathon distance in April/May. 3. To train more efficiently and effectively, so that I don’t have to spend 4 hours a day exercising! I hope to achieve this by using a heart-rate monitor to help maintain training intensity, and cut down on ‘junk miles’. 4. Finally, to take better care of myself by doing daily yoga, having massage and physio pro-actively, rather than waiting until I’m almost injured and by including rest days in my training program for a change!

The aim of all this? To run a PR at The Whistler Half Marathon…Right, better get started then, I’m off for a snowy run!

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